by Laser Flames on the Great Big News

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Nate Garrett
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Nate Garrett Unique, heartfelt, memorable. Incredible release.
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arcanusdevious Love the new release. Lashes and Beloved are my personal favorites, but as a whole the album is an exceptionally unique experience. I daresay an unheralded masterpiece. If grooving hooks, esoteric lyrics, and otherworldly melodic vocals with sprinkles of gut-wrenching brutality is your cup of eruditious audible tea, then purchase this wonderfully creative album.
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"A bird and a bear sing the same song in Spring, when the snow melts and the sunshine spreads through a leafless forest and familiar smells of growth and green waft up from the once Winter-dead cricks and cracks of season and time. Snow melts, water droplets drip, prisms in their hearts, onto bird-dropped seeds and a new, hopeful lichen starts to spread for new-walked deer to lick and suckle. And all the creatures of existence stand tall in anticipation of light wind and warm weather and big, happy death: and ancient mixture of hope, darkness and survival. Wild themes that transcend any human perception of time or life. Nameless but knowable.

And so too do humans attempt to spray and engage the world with melodies of feral desires.
And so too, do Laser Flames on the Great Big News, weave words, tone and tempo into innumerable form. And so too, do you listen."

- David Hall, Uneasy Sleeper

Fronted by the impeccable trade-off vocals and guitars of John Judkins and Stevie Bailey, Laser Flames on the Great Big News defy definition, master convention, and above all, drill a complex maze of hooks and emotion through your ears and down into your heart and further, down where the old things live.

Laser Flames on the Great Big News is:

John Judkins: Guitars, Vocals, Lap Steel
Stephenie "Stevie" Bailey: Guitars, Vocals, Banjo, Violin
Brian Myers: Bass
James Turk: Drums

Mikey Allred: Keys/synth on "Intro," "31 Years," "Flame High"
Guest vocals on "Beloved" by Chris Terry
Guest vocals on "Open, Dead and Doomed" by Steve Austin

Special THANK YOU to Don Delong, Mikey Allred, Brian Hongsermeier, Joe Leslie, Katie Blankenship, Natalie Prestia, Jared McLemore (RIP,) The Pinkertons, Chris and Laura Terry, LRAR, Steve Austin, Jamie Judkins, David Hall, Curran Reynolds, Jason Dietz, Brendan Donahue, Diana Zadlo, Dave Cate, YEAH!, Adam Reed, Patrick Gac, Jakub Moth, Russell Mullen, and any/all family and friends that have supported us over the years.


released June 30, 2017

All songs written and performed by Laser Flames on the Great Big News
Produced by Laser Flames on the Great Big News
Executive Producer: Don Delong
Engineered, Mixed and Recorded by Mikey Allred at Dark Art Audio, Nashville, Tn. from May 14, 2013 to March 11, 2015
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audio Siege, Portland, Oregon March 2016.
Cover Art by Stephenie Bailey
Photography by Diana Zadlo
Layout design by Patrick Gac



all rights reserved


Laser Flames on the Great Big News Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: 31 Years
31 Years

What I thought I saw – gone
Innocence with age – frail
In the scene I sought – scorn
Patient sacrifice
Time is dead

I’m feeling like I haven’t slept in almost 31 years
In my mouth, in my throat
I feel the burn of all those tears

Red in tooth and claw
Bloodlust that stains my skin
I choose a life that overflows
Over an uneventful drawl
Grace is so far gone

I’m feeling like I haven’t slept in almost 31 years
In my mouth in my throat
I feel the burn of all those tears
And when I search I find
The feelings have no meaning to them
It’s only 4am and someone’s banging on my head

You steal
Track Name: Lashes

Dreams of the heartstrings,
Sleeping only in the sun
Wed on a Wednesday, well
There’s two things
The first one-
If only your love,
Wasn’t blotting out the sun
I’m still on your side, but
There’s still only one

Mister, lend your able hand
What do you ask me for?
I believe I used to know

Lady, I’ve not loved you yet
Let your past alone
I believe you deserve more

Tuned to the tight string,
Of the poisoned violins
Two for a Tuesday,
If there were two things,
We only begin-
If only your love,
The destroyer of my days
I’m still on your side, but
There’s still only one way

Mister, I don’t understand
What do you ask me for?
I believe I deserve more

Lady, you’ve not loved me yet
Why do you tax me so?
I believe I deserve more

Lay down
Stay down

I feel the lashes
Seems I’m falling way
Way down (I'll lay down)
Stay down (I'll stay down, my love)

Feeling off sometimes
Well I know, I know, yeah
Changed the locks three times
Well I know, I know, yeah
Blaze it up my friends
‘cause I know, I know, yeah

I feel the lashes
Seems I’m falling way
Way down (I'll lay down)
Stay down (I'll stay down, my love)

I feel
I feel
I can lay down my body and die
I’ll forget my name
Give up all my dreams
I will lay down my life
If you need me to
Track Name: Open, Dead and Doomed
Open, Dead and Doomed

Eyes. My tormentor’s alive, yet, and sees.
Then hear us say
There is a truth
I will do
What the spirits say
Track Name: Beloved

Doll face to head case
What of our intentions for the sun?
If you say I never belonged, well
Honey, you’d be wrong
You’d be dead

Hold on to what you believe
Is sacred
Bow down, admit your defeat
Just walk home
Breathe in, it may be your last
We are rusting
So far from where we’ve been
Three sides
Yours and mine
Now the truth

You’re part of the problem
Blood for soiled gold
A gilded donkey
A million sold
In the mouth of a tragedy
What your king stole

The sins that make us men
The weight that our elders carry
We fall into this hole
Up to our necks we’re buried
Complicated by our own loves
We’ll stop this with our sons

And there’s nothing here to light my way
It’s kept me so lost, but I found out why
You’re bleeding
And your trail has led me astray
It makes no sense
Why can’t we stay the same way we’ve been
Since we are falling
Will you lay down with me

Child you were born with this bleeding heart
Not your fault,
You were set up from the start
I realized I could never lift you high enough
At least I tried
And with no returns implied
But its alright
I know that I will get by
I know, I will
It was so long ago, after all
The truth will never fall from your lips
I never stole your light
What you won't see is that it ever glows
This dream you've carried so long
And there's no time to draw these enemy lines
And still you do
It hurts so bad my love, even still
The truth that ever falls on deaf ears

I thought I'd sleep
Let my dreams chase after me
How could I have known
I would dig my own hole
Thank back to all I've seen
Seldom pure and never clean
This can't be all it means
Not what I've seen
Think fast to what I heard
Honey my whole life blurred
To your choice of meaningful words

Die with your pride
Freaky falling freight
Freaky thrall free for all
The/Why blade/do won’t/you lie/rely
Once, twice again
The/Die kings/with blind/your eye/pride
Freaky falling freight
Freaky thrall free for all
Forever defeats been building inside (Why do you rely?)
My foot’s on your throat now

Have you lost your reason?
Uncharacteristically low
Maybe laughed it away
Uncharacteristically low

Cut the string, I’ll fall
Track Name: Flame High
Flame High

Its been a long lonesome dawn
Its been a long lonely dawn, I know
You've been a low-down, a lowly old dog
You've been a low, loathsome dog, I know
Even alone now, lonely old walk
You've been alone, along a lonely dawn, I know you
Been a low-down, lowly old dog
You've been alone, a low, lowly dog, I know you

Bars on the cradle, your tactics are obscene
My heart's off the table, my freedom my freedom
Redemption of my life
Flame high

The medium falls from the chair to the floor
He's filled up
He's spilled out
We don't need him anymore, for
The ectoplasm cum
Hell high

The winter is endless under the frozen drone
We keep on pretending
You feast on my bones
The ashes of my life
Flame high

Cast your crowns
You throw your riches to the ground

(These filthy holes were dug while blind)

You know the drill
You take your temper down

(No remorse for those that lie, forsaking lives)

Cast your cracken-call
Your riches scatter to the floor, or

(They grab and claw until they find)

You know the drill
You can't come home no more

(Even less)

I won't need your money
And I will not say please
I won't need the weekend
Daddy I'll have no need for
The flaming human heart
Held high

I welcome the end and I welcome the peace
I welcome the release of your memory, love
The lightning in your touch
Flame high

Now it hurts to die, but I'm not cold anymore
I feel no connection to the meat on the floor, nor
The ashes of my life
Flame high

The night has fallen
Take only what you can carry on your own, child

You best your belief in love
Would you take your temper down
Or you can't come home anymore